Mallwave's Virtual, Transaction-Free, Lifelike, and Completely Inviscid Retail Experience

small old-fashioned computer whose screen reads 'View On Your Computer' the same computer but larger the same computer but even larger the same computer but smaller the same computer but even smaller

Anything and everything awaits you in the depths of the mall. Feel free to browse through the merchandise and find some gems.
Below, you can see our handy mall map, drawn up by our very own founder!
Easily locate yourself no matter where you are and make your way to the nearest quality retailer.

A map of a mall. On the left of the map are 4 rooms, labelled 1, 2, 7, and 3. On the right of the map are 3 rooms, labelled 4, 5, and 6. To the right of the map is a legend which reads 'The Mall' '1. Pets Fur Less 2. Pageturner Books 3. Robbie's Records 4. The Wizard's Tower 5. Modern Style 6. Community Center 7. Help Desk'. There are two smiley face stickers and one star sticker on the map.

We're under construction! Thank you for your patience as the mall grows.
While you wait, feel free to visit another prime spot on the web.

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