gif of a green vine with pink flowers along it
emoji of a smiling cat with butterfly wingsemoji of a smiling cat with butterfly wings
gif of a green vine with pink flowers along it

Hello. :-) Are you looking for a new pet?
Pets Fur Less has all of the pets that you could ever want or need.
They are real animals that we have raised with our hands, and they are not expensive.
They can make you very happy and do a smile when you look at them.
A few of our employees would like to introduce you to our special pets.
Listen to them as they say fun animal facts. :-)


AI-generated photo of a cat.

Sarah says

This is a cat. You can tell because it has a face and four legs.


AI-generated photo of a dog.

Vickie says

Puppy puppy puppy puppy puppypuppypupppypupipppppppuuuuuupppppppppppyyyyyyyy. Very cute!


AI-generated photo of a hamster.

Burt says

Hamsters have lots of hair. All is hair. Hair, is me? is you. We the hair in us. Hair h h hair everywhere, hair in the air? Hair for hamster.


AI-generated photo of a horse.

Vickie says

Horses tend to break easily, so you have to tie ropes around them to keep their pieces together.


AI-generated photo of a parakeet.

Sarah says

Birds can make music with their mouthes. This is different than making music with their eyes.


AI-generated photo of a clownfish.

Burt says

They are having fun with no air.


AI-generated photo of a lizard.

Vickie says

Lizards are new animals?


AI-generated photo of a fossil.

Sarah says

Rats = mouses.


AI-generated photo of a frog.

Burt says

I do not know what this is.


AI-generated photo of insectoid legs writhing in a cloud of dust.

Vickie says

This is a man.

Our Valuable Employees

AI-generated picture of Sarah.


AI-generated picture of Vickie.


AI-generated picture of Burt.