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  • MoNA Retrospective, Los Angeles - Bentley Little gray skull emoji
  • The Smell of Overripe Loquats - Bentley Little gray skull emoji
  • Under Midwest Skies - Bentley Little gray skull emoji
  • Beyond St. Patrick's Chapel, Heysham Head - Simon Kurt Unsworth gray skull emoji
  • The Temple of Relief and Ease - Simon Kurt Unsworth gray skull emoji
  • In a Falling Airplane - Otsuichi
  • In a Park at Twilight, a Long Time Ago - Otsuichi gray skull emoji
  • Song of the Sunny Spot - Otsuichi
  • Words of God - Otsuichi
  • Flourishing Beasts - Yan Ge
  • Peace, Pipe - Aliya Whiteley
  • The Quiet Boy - Nick Antosca gray skull emoji
  • Predecessor - Jeff VanderMeer gray skull emoji
  • Other People's Kids - David Nickle gray skull emoji
  • The Inevitability of Earth - David Nickle
  • Greener Pastures - Michael Wehunt gray skull emoji
  • A Discreet Music - Michael Wehunt
  • October Film Haunt: Under the House - Michael Wehunt gray skull emoji
  • A Thousand Hundred Years - Michael Wehunt gray skull emoji
  • Human for Beginners - Charles Yu
  • Note to Self - Charles Yu
  • The Book of Categories - Charles Yu
  • The Pine Arch Collection - Michael Wehunt gray skull emoji

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book cover of Paul Hillyard's Book of the Spider

Book of the Spider by Paul Hillyard

Just what the title says: spiders! Through the hatred and fascination they inspire, spiders occupy a unique space in the mind of the human collective. What do you know about them? What do you really know about them? Do you?
Keyword: Ballooning.

book cover of Peter Godfrey-Smith's Other Minds

Other Minds by Peter Godfrey-Smith

Like you, the octupus is home to a yet unknown intelligence. Explore the diverging tracks of evolution that ultimately reach the same destination: a conscious mind. When they look at you, what do they see?
Keyword: Decentralized.

book cover of Rob Dunn's Never Home Alone

Never Home Alone by Rob Dunn

In the modern day, we have a tendency to mentally distance ourselves from the natural world. Luckily, this distance has no real physical counterpart, for organisms can and will exist around you, on you, and in you no matter where you are.
Keyword: toxoplasma gondii.

book cover of S.A. Barnett's The Story of Rats

The Story of Rats by S.A. Barnett

Often dismissed as mere pests in human society, rats are an essential and massively influential building block in the great tower of the animal kingdom. At turns unwittingly helpful and harmful, the story of the rat is the story of you.
Keyword: Neophobia.

book cover of Marianne Taylor's How Insects Work

How Insects Work by Marianne Taylor

If there were a furniture store that never ended (in the sense that it was physically infinite), you would likely find ever stranger variations on the base forms of conceptually simple objects like chairs and tables the longer you searched. The same is true for insects!
Keyword: Sclerotization.

Book cover of Janelle Shane's You Look Like a Thing and I Love You. The cover is partially obscured by a red overlay, on top of which text read 'Attention: At the request of fellow Mall resident Pets Fur Less, the following material: You Look Like a Thing and I love You by Janelle Shane has hereby been purged from the Pageturner Books collection due to concerns of misinformation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Pageturner Books' This text is followed by a copyright symbol, a registered trademark symbol, and an infinity sign.

You Look Like a Thing and I Love You by Janelle Shane

Now that you know all there is to know about animal intelligence, you may be wondering what comes next. The only logical followup is the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence. Learn about what is coming and what is already here.
Keyword: Neural network.

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