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New Arrivals

iMorphs by Q.P. Cherrywall

Chandston is a social media star known for his exercise content, and although he owes his fame to the digital world, he burns through phones like no tomorrow -- they slip out of his armband on runs, fall out of his pocket during training sessions, and simply crack under his mega-Chad grip strength. While scrolling through his feed one day, an ad catches his eye. Intrigued, he taps on it, only to have his body taken over by a strange virus which knocks him out cold. He awakes to discover that he's undergone quite the transformation -- he's become Sega's most influential tech product, the iDog. Can he return to his human form in time for his next sponsored post?

"Full of technological innovation and heart, this book gives us a great glimpse into the psyches of our possessions -- makes me want to buy an iDog!" - Hike Mayes

Power Off by Ryuji Sena

In the year 1999, humanity has become reliant on chips implanted in their nervous systems. These chips allow them to run faster, jump higher, and think as quickly as the smartest supercomputer. Society’s productivity is greater than ever before -- but not for long. LiveTech Incorporated, the chip’s manufacturer, is experiencing a red alert. Deep in their lines of code, a fatal error has been lying in wait -- and the killswitch has just been flipped. Can humanity survive this blackout?

Recipient of the Kawamata Award for Speculative Fiction!
"Well, I don't necessarily think the termination of humankind would happen like this, with technology failing and whatnot. It's a little predictable, right? Maybe more of a virus-type scenario would be better -- perhaps even a language-based virus? Just food for thought. It's still pretty good for what it is."
- Hiaki Kawamata

Reintroducing Hydrogen
Dioxide by Jorgens Scotter

Acclaimed molecule expert Jorgens Scotter has returned with yet another entry in his "Reintroducing" series, opting to focus on the hydrogen dioxide compound for this installment. Scientists have been stating for years that there are simply not enough hydrogen dioxide particles in key areas, leading to severe shortages of chemical buildup. Scotter argues that this continued lack of hydrogen dioxide can only result in devasting consequences for the continued survival of humanity. Join him as he seeks to replenish worldwide hydrogen dioxide supplies in Reintroducing Hydrogen Dioxide: New Liquid in Old Places.

NOTICE: All copies of Reintroducing Hydrogen Dioxide have been recalled at the publisher's request. A word processing error has changed all mentions of dihydrogen oxide into hydrogen dioxide. Please be patient with us as we await corrected copies.

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Staff Recommendations

The Elementals by Michael McDowell

There is a house full of sand and there is something terrible within it. Only a young girl named India has the nerve to confront it. Graves, heat, water rising too fast. This novel is best enjoyed outside on a hot summer night. (I should know, that's how I read it!)

Universal Harvester by John Darnielle

Someone has been taping over the VHSs returned to the Video Hut that Jeremy works at. The intruding films are...strange, seeming to consist of shots of a barn accompanied by audible heavy breathing. Intrigued, Jeremy sets out to determine the origins of these mysterious clips, but he just might find out some things he doesn't want to in the process...

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy

The suicide of a friend drives Danielle Cain into the anarchist enclave of Freedom, Iowa, where a once-summoned protector spirit begins to turn on those who sought its shelter. Without the will of the people, there shall be no justice. This is queer punk fiction at its most ferocious.

Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters

Susan should feel nothing but joy upon moving into her and her husband's dream apartment, yet she feels something skittering along the hardwood floors, crown moulding, and state-of-the-art appliances. It skitters in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the bed, on her skin, in her, in her, in her, on her, in her, inside her it's in her and on her and no one can help because it is in her and
!__! (@)(-) \.'||'./ -: :: :- /'..''..'\

Harper: A Collection of Horrors by Gunnar K.A. Njalsson

A collection of unspeakable events which have occurred in the quaint California town of Harper. Former resident Gordon Groff recounts his experiences there as a child that have left him traumatized -- of Halloween masks, of bones in concrete, of strange men glimpsed over fences. He made it out alive, but others were not so lucky. Whatever you do, please don't visit.

In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami

American tourist Frank has arrived in Japan with the express purpose of experiencing its nightlife, and Kenji is more than happy to provide for the right price. But as the days go on, Kenji begins to feel that something is off with Frank. Something. . . very off. This brutal novel is a masterpiece of tension and payoff that will leave you feeling unclean long after you turn its last page.

Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Annihilation follows a stoic biologist into the mysterious Area X, a region of the United States that has spontaneously become overtaken by wilderness and leaves no explorers alive. As the scientist and her entourage travel deeper into the undergrowth, they find themselves encountering ever stranger organisms which seem to defy human logic. (My favorite book!)

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Don't let the movie fool you -- Bird Box is a showcase of masterful suspense that utilizes the limits of text to its advantage. We're offered just as much as the characters are, and in our blindness, we are made one and the same. Easily one of the greatest climaxes in modern horror literature.

Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin

Learn about the events that led the dying Amanda to her current spot in a hospital bed and the young boy who insists she speak about them. Fever Dream reads as just that -- a fever dream where everything is just at the edge of chaos, constantly threatening to collapse in on itself in an act of total destruction.

Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse by Otsuichi

The two novellas and single short story which make up Otsuichi's debut work are all worthy of a read, but the final inclusion "Black Fairy Tale" encompasses the greatest of Otsuichi's trademarks. Telling the tale of a girl who begins to receive the memories of her transplanted eye's previous owner, "Black Fairy Tale" melds mystery with body horror in a thoroughly unique fashion.

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