Although K-pop tends to shine brightest through its singles, magnificence can be found in the
depths of albums genre-wide. Here is my (Robbie's) definitive list of the best K-pop b-sides.
Each group's greatest non-title track will be listed in the space below; click on any row to see
my (Robbie's) thoughts and a list of honorable mentions!


Throwback to the days of boy bands gone by; 24K's WoA! sends you into the stratosphere with its expansive vocal layering and commanding chorus.
I am your superman~

Boy groups need to bring back jubilant violins. This is a demand, not a request.
내게 모든 걸 걸어봐~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: All About You, Because It's You.

Eternally in awe of how massive that chorus is.
No one take you down~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Desire, Horizon, My Way, Utopia, Win.

The first time I ever heard this song was live in concert during 2014, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Song of the summer.
Wonderful and beautiful world, don't touch me please, yeah~

This might seem like a strange choice for as iconic a group as Big Bang, but this is MY (Robbie's) b-side heaven for a reason. Hypnotic club music ticks all of my boxes and that's exactly what Crazy Dog is.
Everybody in the place go off~

If you had asked me whether Bigflo's biggest musical successes would one day lie in RnB I would have said no and I would have been wrong.
How can I deal with it~

BTS' 2014 output is essentially unbeatable and 2nd Grade represents the pinnacle of that sound in my mind. Playful, boisterous, and unpolished in the best way.
Cause time flowing fast~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Butterfly, Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych, Cypher Pt. 3: Killer, Lie, Look Here, Satoori Rap.

Effortlessly sexy in typical CIX fashion, with welcome reggae-lite influence. Seunghun, you give us too much!
I love everything~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Black Out, Imagine, Rewind, What You Wanted.

Starship doesn't seem to realize that Cravity's musical destiny lies in pseudo-house affairs like Hot Air Balloon, but it's okay because I do.
Fly me to the moon, let's go~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Believer, Celebrate, Dangerous, Jumper, Veni Vidi Vici.

I rarely make room for acoustic pop songs in my life, so the fact that Cross Gene managed to make me like one enough that it appeared here is something to note. Objectively speaking, this track is rather generic in its composition, but the members' conviction is what allows it a place in the spotlight.
무너져가는 내 utopia~

This seemed to spark something within whoever it is that chooses D-Crunch's songs; prior to its release, I found myself uninterested in their discography, but I am now fully logged in.
That is mine~

Blood tends to be the song of choice on this album, but I always found myself more attracted to the melancholic stadium rock of First Time. Why yes, I would like to wave my lighter along to the beat, please and thank you.
I say goodbye to you~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Blood, Hunt, Say Wow, Warning.

The jury's out on whether this is actually a b-side or not, but I (Robbie) am the ultimate authority here and I (Robbie) declare it so. Feel-good teen pop of the highest order.
Love me light~


10 Seconds was right on the cusp of snatching first place, but Crazy Boy is undoubtedly home to AOA's best vocal performance. Complete conviction in every syllable during that chorus.
Bye, bye, bye~

Against all odds, YES SIR's homage to 80s synthpop didn't instantly catapult April to international superstardom. The masses have truly lost their touch.
Can you wait for me~

BLACKPINK somehow managed to make me like a song whose lyrics include "haha, hehe, hoho." Talent.
I gotta know that you're for real~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Forever Young, Kick It, Pretty Savage, See U Later.

With one of the most powerful discographies in k-pop history, Brown Eyed Girls still outdid themselves on the strong and sassy Hotshot. Few k-pop songs tell a story as effectively as this one does.
Keep the change~
HONORABLE MENTIONS: La Boheme, Lovemotion.

Cherry Bullet have yet to truly knock my socks off, but the triumphant drive of Keep Your Head Up is more than enough to hold me over until they do.
Come on girl, level up~