Five-piece Korean girl group Cand.E has returned from a seven month break with their third mini-album, "Welcome to Can.D Land," and what a treat it is! Title track "Milkshaking" sees them continue their unique brand of bubblegum pop to sweet perfection, full of high-octane hooks and a sugar rush of a chorus. Tons of fun!!

1. Milkshaking
2. Before School
3. 이 지구의 태양이 사라질 때, 어두운
그림자가 악마의 몸을 비출 것이다 (Fun Together)
4. Listen Up!!
5. 비가 오는 날 (Rainy Day)
6. Milkshaking (Instrumental)

Miriam Dasheki's ambient magnum opus "art on low" is sure to transport you right into never-before-heard soundscapes. Best taken as a whole, every track melds and builds upon one another in a grand compendium of aural bliss, all based upon the transient properties of water. Dasheki has found her muse!

1. take a step away
2. another close encounter
3. submit
4. soft truths
5. did you see yourself?
6. flowing out
7. on the floor
8. essential fluids
9. leaving quickly
10. submit (a i r w a y s dub)

Brrr!! You feel that?? That's the icy cold frost of Windchill Factory's latest comeback "Nice N' Ice!" Proving that coolpunk is indeed alive and well, Windchill pays homage to the genre's iconic beginnings while incorporating elements of more modern sounds, even breaking into jinglecore and flakehaze. Every copy of "Nice N' Ice" comes with a special "Coolpunk's Not Dead" sticker and a free bottle of Gray's Peak cola!

1. Ring the Bells
2. Cold Streak
3. Blizzard Warning
4. Snow Day (feat. DJ Ice Water)
5. Freeze!
6. Summertime Sleigh Ride
7. Melt My Heart

awesome album art

In the endless ocean of K-pop album art, I (Robbie) have taken it upon myself to fish up only the best of the best. Feast your eyes on these graphic triumphs while you listen to some good tunes. . . Oh yeah!!

Odd - SHINee

An album cover photo taken inside a swimming pool. A person obscured by bubbles reaches a hand upwards. Squiggly orange text which reads 'Odd' spans the left side of the image.

Retro Futurism - Triple H

A collage-style album cover with various photos of two men and one woman.

The Beat - Topp Dogg

An illustrated album cover depicting a leather jacket with various patches.

Red Light - f(x)

An album cover with five women in the center. They are surrounded by a red frame. Text in the top of the frame reads 'Red Light' and the text in the bottom of the frame reads 'Luna/Victoria/Krystal/Amber/Sulli'.

Street - EXID

An illustrated album cover depicting a one-point perspective drawing of a city street on a pink background.

Perfect Velvet - Red Velvet

An album cover with a Victorian-style house in the middle. Three women wearing red crowns stand in a circle above the house with their hair obscuring their faces. Two women stand in front of the house with their backs to the camera.

The Butterfly Phantasy - A.C.E

An illustrated album cover depicting two mountains in front of the night sky. Two blue butterflies are in the top left corner and tree branches frame the top right and bottom left corners.


An illustrated album cover depicting the outline of a four-leaf palm tree on top of a textbox. Inside the textbox is text reading 'Thrilling'. This text increases in size the closer it gets to the right edge of the cover. There is a chromatic effect over the outline and text.

Cherry Rush - Cherry Bullet

An album cover showing a partial view of a bedroom. There is a bed and a nightstand. On the top of the bed are multiple pillows and stuffed animals. There is a knit braided rug on the floor. The entire image has a pink tint over it.

enter my b-side heaven

yo im 4 year old rapper. my names napkin. and i just got sign, to pickles records